Friday, October 16, 2015

Anniversary gift - Casio Exilim ZR3500

Got the parcel today! My long awaited selfie camera -- #Casio Exilim #ZR3500 📷Thanks darling for the 1025 anniversary gift. Decided to downgrade from using DSLR after few years of learning process and still remain as a noob. What I look for now is a light weight and easily used camera which is also able to produce clear photo in dim environment. Pretty simple right? Then I found this.
Hopefully with the new camera, I could have find back my passion in blogging, cos I could post instantly every picture I capture with the bluetooth/WiFi feature. Maybe not to blogger, but Dayre instead. Since here is much straightforward and user friendly. 😀

However, dayre and blogger format is incompatible, what a sad thing. If I share whatever I post in Dayre, only a link address is appeared in blogger. What to do? I can only choose 1 among both... since I am really getting too lazy now.. No choice, my blogger here got to temporary shut down since it is really not so mobile-friendly, and nowadays after working I really feel clueless to on laptop again.. 

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